Spoleto was founded in 1999 in Rio de Janeiro by Eduardo Ourivio and Mario Chady. Since its inception, they have grown to over 300 stores in South America. In 2015, they decided to broaden their horizon and move North to the United States. They settled on the Sunshine State and opened their first store near the University of Central Florida, their second location opened shortly after at the Florida Mall. 

In August of 2015, I joined the Spoleto team. After having managed the founding stores, I grew into the corporate executive chef role shortly after. Having re-envisioned and brought new and exciting recipes to their brand, I brought our founding father’s vision of organic and farm-to-table to life. With this new step forward, I moved on to the National Director of Operations Role, where I was able to expand our brand into four new locations, in two separate markets. 

Fast forward to 2020, when our company, like many others, suffered a severe loss. We were forced to close our doors and put our dream on the back burner. 

After a year of social distancing, baking sourdough bread, learning card tricks, and even putting together a small team to feed our neighborhood during the pandemic, I decided I had nothing more to lose, and I made a call to our founders. 

We decided that I would become the Master Franchisee for the State of Florida. With my newfound title, I partnered with my longtime friend Ross and we got to work. We signed our first deal in August of 2021, at the Dollins Food Hall. There we have lit the flame to the brand again by offering a ghost kitchen in which our guests can order their favorites, and taste some of the newer items we are working on. 

In June of 2022, we will be launching our second location at the Marketplace at Avalon Park. There, guests will experience, the Spoleto way, once again. Where you’ll pick your favorites and watch our chefs bring them to life. I hope you’ll join me and my team on our journey to culinary freedom. 

Mangia Bene! 

Laura | Owner 

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